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Advanced Sideslipping Video

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Advanced Sideslipping:


I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a very talented and enthusiastic sideslipper at Arapahoe Basin the other day (May 25, I think it was) while snowboarding with this site's co-editor, Gregg Davis. Gregg ran into Jacob in the lift line and as we all rode up together I put a bug in his ear about extreme sideslipping.

You see, it was a beautiful day following an even awesomer day, and I, encouraged by an old buddy who Facebooked me about "spring sideslipping," had gone to A-Basin that day expressly in the hopes of getting some extreme sideslipping content for the site after our long hiatus.

We went to Copper Mountain today for my third day of the 2009-2010 season (Gregg's 7th day) and I borrowed his Burton Fix from last year with the rounded edges for it. Although the board was wonderfully box-worthy, its crowning achievement (and I say this with some sarcasm) was definitely the unintentional sideslipping.

That's right--we're back at the sideslipping again and I heroically sideslipped the crap out of Copper Mountain all day long today. The scene was a crowded Sunday (as Sundays are wont to be) on a single white ribbon of death. The hill abounded with the general public as well as U.S. Olympic team racers (we think), since it is the time of year for gates training. We even saw a substantial fleet of carving-board-riders, which brings me back to my own humble beginnings in the east coast carving days of yore. Oh for sharp edges, I thought, watching them with green-colored envy.


We had it all planned out--a publicity stunt to truly spread the name of around the local snow sliding community. First, we would ride in to Leo's shack at Breckenridge--a handcrafted warming hut snuggled off-trail in the deepest trees--using sideslipping, most likely, since it's so damn tight to get there. Then, we would clean up the mountains of garbage tossed carelessly within by all those non-nature-loving nimrods who seem to frequent the place. Finally, we would post our calling card--a poster, I imagined, saying something to the effect of "cleaned for your visiting pleasure by" or even "under new management" (as recommended to me by one long-time local).

Sideslipping Video Two - Undisclosed Location


Those present witnessed something that had not been seen before. An undisclosed location hosted the most recent and extreme developments in the sport of sideslipping. Current 'slippers' will be amazed at the level of progression achieved to date.

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