Publicity Stunt Fails Due to Lack of Organization

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We had it all planned out--a publicity stunt to truly spread the name of around the local snow sliding community. First, we would ride in to Leo's shack at Breckenridge--a handcrafted warming hut snuggled off-trail in the deepest trees--using sideslipping, most likely, since it's so damn tight to get there. Then, we would clean up the mountains of garbage tossed carelessly within by all those non-nature-loving nimrods who seem to frequent the place. Finally, we would post our calling card--a poster, I imagined, saying something to the effect of "cleaned for your visiting pleasure by" or even "under new management" (as recommended to me by one long-time local).

Sadly, due to a combination of our lackadaisical attitudes and our overall lack of organization, no poster was produced.


We did, however, go in and clean up some garbage. We got to the shack around 10:00 AM to find a full house of random folks, to whom we proceeded to distribute garbage bags. This action resulted in an immediate dispersal of half the party, but I'm happy to say that the other half got right down to the task. Within a half hour we had collected five large bags of trash including half-full beer bottles, cigarette butts, and ten metric ass-tons of green wrappers from the complimentary granola bars served up by the mountain.


Among the clean-up crew were two new friends we met that day, telemarkers John and Caroline, and a small group of punk-ass TechNine kids who looked at me with some incredulity when I handed them trash bags but then went diligently about the task. Afterwards we strong-armed a few parties of riders to take out the first two trash bags, and then handled the remaining bags ourselves with the help of our new Nordic friends. 


Riding with heavy bags of trash is no easy task, especially when you're trying to make sure not to puncture them on the trees. In the end we found that sideslipping was uniquely suited to the task. When we got down to the cat track, I enjoyed shouting things to unsuspecting passersby like "Be careful, we're about to air this cliff with garbage."

The ride down was the highlight of the day. We shot some lame footage of things like sideslipping through the woods with garbage (of both snowboarders and Nords), a sideslipped cliff-drop carrying garbage, and "switch garbage" on Lehman, before tossing the trash in the dumpster behind Ten Mile Station.

Even though what was meant to be our claim to fame turned into little more than an act of good Samaritanism, it was worth the effort, and we all got in some good sideslipping to boot. So now I am posting this blog in honor of Earth Day--two days late, in keeping with our slapdash approach to the maintenance of this site.

And thanks for listening!

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Awesome..... You guys are fab, was great to meet you both, hopefully see you next season :)

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