K-Ton Kid Shows Promise

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Killington rider Forrest Baker visited Summit County with his posse this past week and took advantage of the opportunity to showcase some creative and extreme sideslipping in Breckenridge's El Dorado terrain park.

The challenge we put to Forrest was to sideslip up to the box, onto the box, and then land the trick still sideslipping.

To get enough speed for the task, Forrest dropped in from way above the park, shouting "dropping" really loud every time he did so in order to catch the attention of the "normal" park riders waiting for their turn to hit the features. After some practice, Forrest not only stomped that trick, but he also took it to the next level, hitting both the flat box and the A-box in the same sideslipping line--even turning it around on the A box to ride out in a toe-side sideslip.

Forrest Baker has definitely caught our attention here at extremesideslipping.com--both for his diligence in practicing the tricks until he nailed them and for his creative dedication to extreme sideslipping. It takes an advanced rider to sideslip the park. Needless to say, Forrest will definitely be in the running when it comes time to select our national team.

When asked what he thought about the art of sideslipping the park, Forrest responded: "Actually I think it's [a great idea]. If we could get kids sideslipping into jumps and rails, it would keep [the ramps] good all day and we wouldn't need a park crew."

Regarding his bid for the Global Extreme Sideslipping Team (GEST), Forrest stated simply, "I'm just in it for the T-shirt." Furthermore he went on to suggest that the front of the T-shirt could say "ExtremeSideslipping.com" and the back could say "Not on my powder field." 

Although we have not yet discussed the matter of T-shirts for team members, the idea is currently under consideration. In the meantime we are accepting suggestions and submissions for both slogans and artwork. 


1 Comment

I have secured a print shop for the T-shirts... We have a 5 color silk screen machine.

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