Failure to Sideslip


I'd just like to take a moment to apologize to our growing number of readers that we have not yet updated the blog with additional sideslipping photos.

After this last storm, Gregg and I hiked up to Breckenridge's Twin Chutes with every intent of doing a photo shoot. When we got there, however, we found that neither of us had the heart to engage in the actual sideslipping and instead opted for turning.

Don't lose heart, however. I am optimistic that after this spell of 50-degree weather passes, we are bound to be favored with some late season dumps. We'll get it together. We'll sideslip the pow--and YOU'll be the first to hear about it! 


Turning?!?! what a waste of gnarly pow yo! haha

Can you, Jason and Shannon please 'splain what 'sideslipping' is to this over the hill Mom?


PS> Great photography and music!

Hi Jean! Thanks for the question. I'm Erica. I would like to refer you to our recent entry, "Frequently Asked Questions," as well as "About This Site." If you have any more questions after that, I'm happy to help!

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