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The idea for this site originated with the observation of an interesting phenomenon that seemed to be shared among snowboarding professionals--a sometimes intense aversion to a snowboarding technique known as "sideslipping."

sideslip (v) - To slide on the uphill edge with the board perpendicular to the direction of travel. He sideslipped down that whole trail, dude.

Take the following example, which occurred on an epic Vermont powder day during the winter of 2008:

Three friends were enjoying the powder at Pico Mountain when they became cold and decided to enter the lodge to partake in some hot chocolate. Thereupon, they ran into one more friend and his two friends. After a warm-up and some good conversation, the crew of six decided to venture back up the mountain to tackle a steep, tight chute together.

It is important that the reader picture the scene. The powder is deep, maybe a foot. The magic of deep pow is in the air. Under the powder, however, runs a waterfall--a waterfall which is currently frozen into an ice floe. The turns are going to have to be tight, that much is certain.

Upon arrival at the scene, however, the first three members of the group have a different idea:  sideslipping!


It is at this point that one of the latter three group members, a man by the name of Noah Prince, becomes distraught by the cruel destruction of the powder and subsequent exposure of the aforementioned ice sheet. He is incredulous, really. He does not understand who in their right mind would sideslip that chute. It's written all over his face as he fumes to himself before finally shaking his fist and declaring angrily outright:  "You're supposed to turn!"

Why did Noah get so angry about the sideslipping, you might ask?

The answer to that question, and many more, will be explored in honest and open dialogue right here on extremesideslipping.com.

The purpose of this website is to explore sideslipping in all of its aspects--the good, the bad, and the ugly; the useful as well as the offensive. Furthermore, in part as a balance against the angry protests sometimes generated by unwitting sideslippers, we are proud to announce that our offices are now hard at work on organizing a brand new, never-been-seen-before, competitive snowboarding event: EXTREME SIDESLIPPING! (Stay posted for updates.)

It with great honor, then, that we invite the reader to come along with us on this journey, contributing your voice to the conversation as you feel the urge. And thanks for being a part of what makes Extreme Sideslipping so great!


This will be an exciting adventure into the world of sideslipping known only to the most extreme and novice snowboarders!

I can't wait!

Airborne Sideslipping (Notice the Air being displaced by my uphill edge, EXTREME!!!!)

Eric, while I very much enjoyed seeing your jump photo, please keep in mind that we must see the takeoff and the landing to confirm that the trick was actually performed using a sideslip in those phases as well. (Hopefully by the time you get those shots, we will have a way for you to upload them directly to the site.) And thanks for being a part of our sideslipping community!

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